Dear Expressive arts therapists, art therapists and art lovers!

GREETINGS! We are excited about the upcoming 12th International Expressive Arts Therapy Conference in Winnipeg, Canada, but is sad that some of you cannot join us. In view of this, we would love to invite you to participate in a meaningful art collaboration. The idea is that even if you cannot join us in Canada physically, you can still be connected with the conference! You’ll make a ‘buddy’ (doll) that represents you best – it can be about your identity, origin, indigenous roots or social justice etc.

Your buddy will be connected with other therapists’ and art lovers’ artwork during the conference as an art display. At the end of the conference, we will randomly exchange your buddy, which means that even if you cannot participate at the conference, you will still receive a meaningful buddy from another therapist or artist by mail. So please remember to write down your address details as required below so we can ship it to you! Attached are some buddy examples for your reference.

Click here for artwork requirements and contact info

Warmest regards,
Milan, Jacob & Graciela
Regional Co-chair