Project Description

Kate T. Donohue is an adventuresome soul who has traveled to almost all the continents following the muse of her passion for culture , the arts, expressive arts and healing. She has created seminars in Ghana and India that explore the roots of healing through delving into the indigenous arts of these two cultures, the roots of expressive arts therapy. The first healers were artists who understood the psyche, community and healing as well as the power of the arts. She is involved in visual arts and dance, having spent 25 years studying indigenous and ethnic dance forms, in particular West African and Afro-Cuban Dance. Her visual arts work in painting and drawing explores the sacred feminine. A born actor, she has background in drama and poetics, and a great appreciation for music. Kate’s involvement in art, healing and culture has made her own life richer, by allowing her to map and understand her own inner terrain.

Kate brings this life experience and passion to her cultural journeys. These are journeys she would like to attend herself. In each two week journey, Kate works in collaboration with local indigenous artists who have studied traditional ways of their cultural art form and how it informs healing. Kate has development these artist relationships through travel and teaching in these countries. Each day a different visual or performing artist will present their art form, with each experience, participants will learn the history and symbolic meaning of each form as well directly experiencing the art form, by making art, dancing, singing, storytelling, learning the instruments and creating your own art process from each form. In the afternoon, Kate laces these experiences with participants personal process, presentations from Jung oriented expressive arts therapy. Her goal is to help each participant discover inspiration from these experiences for life and work. With these experiences and processes, each participant will be changed.

Her seminars are informed by her work as a licensed psychologist, registered expressive arts therapist, trainer, and supervisor. Kate has been in private practice and has been a graduate level professor and trainer internationally for over 35 years. Each of her journeys is an entry into the culture, into her relationships developed in this culture and into her love of deep cultural experiences for her participants.

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