Decorative plates on the wall inlaid with amber

Many of us prefer paintings and photographs to decorate the walls of our own homes. And what if the wall is transformed with the help of decorative plates? It can be a whole composition of plates, or a single one, but one that attracts general attention. An empty corner or plain wall simply needs to be decorated to give the room coziness and add individuality to the design.  If you're looking for inspiration and practical tips on incorporating decorative plates into your home decor, the guide can provide you with valuable insights. Discover creative ideas for arranging and displaying decorative plates, and learn how to achieve a harmonious and captivating look in your living spaces.

The color scheme of the plates is determined by the background of the wall. Light walls require bright, colored or dark plates, and vice versa, light products look great on a dark background. In addition to the color scheme, harmony with the interior, as well as the shape of the composition, should also be taken into account. Symmetrical compositions look ideal.

Do not forget about choosing a room for them. Not only dining rooms and kitchens can be decorated with plates. Living rooms, hallways and even bedrooms will look cute and original with this type of decor.

Plates can be of various shapes, with different images on them, decorated with certain elements. They are most suitable for interior in classic style, fusion style, shabby chic. They are characterized by a combination of different colors in accessories: orange with red or brown, golden shades with coffee or burgundy. Decorative plates inlaid with amber provide just such an opportunity. Thanks to the wide palette of stone shades, the plates look harmonious with the surrounding interior.

Тарілки з бурштину

Amber souvenirs

Whatever interior style is chosen, small decorative elements will not be superfluous. Moreover, they will express the orientation of the interior and emphasize its features. Handmade decorative details, including caskets, lamps, candlesticks, vases, figurines and other products, will turn an ordinary interior into a fabulous one, add warmth and coziness to it.

Speaking about handmade products, it is worth mentioning not only things made in various techniques. Amber souvenirs are a worthy alternative to other items. It is amazing how many decorative elements can be made from it, and how many more can be decorated with it - the same paintings, panels, decorative plates on the wall look lively, voluminous and natural with this stone. Any image can be inlaid with amber, from copies of avant-garde artists to images of saints, from a still life to the Ukrainian coat of arms ... Therefore, such a plate can take its place of honor in any room: dining room, bedroom, office. Having taken up the decor of the room, it is very important to experiment and fantasize, this is the only way to find original solutions and options.

Декоративні тарілки на стіну

Plates made of amber crumb of various shades, large stones, as well as in combination with stained glass, stand out for their unique picturesqueness and realism. Such decorative elements can be made yourself if you have enough amber stones, or you can buy a ready-made amber product in the Yantar Polissia online store. The second option guarantees high quality performance and a reasonable price for the product.