A unique amber souvenir – all the secrets of exporting gemstone masterpieces

Natural Polish amber is the largest national treasure of Ukraine, which is protected by law. Therefore, products made of hardened prehistoric resin have a special status - in order to trade them, own them, or transfer them to other countries, special certificates and permits will be needed. This article will explain how to send a painting abroad without any complications. This article and the website ukrburshtyn.com will explain how to send a picture abroad without any complications.

Mail Service This is the fastest and easiest way to get a Sun Gem item - especially if you leave all the hassle of shipping to our company! We use the services of Ukrposhta, which delivers parcels to more than 230 countries and territories.

Our lawyers immediately monitor reforms in regulations and conditions of transportation, so that your gift is guaranteed to arrive at the addressee intact and safe. But delivery service workers in similar cases are often depressingly incompetent: at best, their ignorance leads to a delay, and at worst - the return or seizure of your property.

If you want to handle the shipment yourself, we will prepare a complete set of necessary papers for the goods purchased from us - with "wet" seals, signatures, barcodes and QR codes, logos, and detailed information about the manufacturer. Having presented them to the border guards, you will instantly pass the control, without worrying about the possible confiscation of the selected souvenirs.

Such documents will be useful not only for export. This is also reliable proof of the naturalness of amber - in recent years, it is often faked, imitating gold stones with the help of plastic, bakelite (vulcanized rubber), glass, celluloid and epoxy resin, so an accurate justification of their authenticity will not be superfluous at all. In addition, they testify that the Sun Gems are environmentally safe and have been mined in accordance with all geological regulations, and that the area where the exploratory fishing took place has been reclaimed and re-vegetated to minimize damage to native plants and animals.

Careful and careful - how we take care of our products

A relief 3D panel or a spiritual icon in a glass kyoto, a colorful landscape, a realistic portrait, an expressive still life, a copy of a famous artist's canvas, an exotic thangka... Each item from our wide range is handcrafted from high-quality gemstones and fine amber shards fixed on a solid base and varnished on top. So, they are very strong and durable.

However, during transportation, especially over long distances, vibration, sudden changes in position, shocks, and temperature changes are inevitable. All this has a negative effect on the condition of the painting - and to reduce potential damage, we offer you branded packaging made of corrugated and two-layer cardboard, wooden rails and spacers, cushioning materials. It is created according to individual standards using European cargo standards. This provides anti-vandal, damping (which extinguishes sudden fluctuations), heat-insulating and sealing protection, allows you to prevent chips, cracks, deformations, ingress of moisture or dust, and to some extent - and opening or theft by unscrupulous people. You will get a bright and colorful product from the wrappers and the frame crate without a single flaw!

Wholesale deliveries

We also have experience in the transit of large consignments - in particular, we have cooperated with the EU, China and the USA. This helped to develop an arsenal of techniques and tricks that speed up the procedure as much as possible and prevent potential incidents.

Therefore, you should not be afraid of schedule violations, debts and disruptions. We contact each such customer personally, assigning him a personal manager-consultant to resolve issues. He will deal with all stages of the process, monitor the news and notify you of changes. This will conveniently save your money, time and effort.

A tag is a "passport" of a gem masterpiece

These little paper labels are on all our products. Their appearance is regulated by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 2011, the law "On the protection of consumer rights" and DSTU 3527-97. Yes, defects, stains and tears are unacceptable, there must be a hole for a thread (lace) with a lead seal, which is attached to the item itself (if this is not possible due to the design, the leaf is placed separately, but in the same container with the souvenir), and the font must not be smaller than 8 pins for good readability.

Here is the information that is encrypted on a similar label:

Name and patented trademark of the enterprise or the abbreviation FOP;
Their legal address;
Article and product name;
Its size, weight (in grams), carats and samples of precious metals and stones, if they are included;
Inscription on compliance with the state standard (TU or DSTU).

Prices and dimensions

Here are a few more useful points that you should know before concluding a contract:
The delivery price is calculated based on the weight of the item and the recipient's country;
The minimum delivery rate is from $40;

Some countries set limits on the volume and weight of parcels: for example, they do not accept those heavier than 20-30 kg.

Our manager will discuss such obstacles and limitations with you in advance, suggesting how to overcome them.